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Immortal's unite.
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13 Facts About Me:

01. I don't sleep in a bed I sleep on the floor because beds make me claustrophobic.

I am a House Fire Survivor by 20 seconds. The ceiling came down as we were around 10 feet out the door. The fire was 12 years ago. 

I am a Podcast Addict. I currently listen to 27 different shows. Podcasts are great to listen to when you are editing photos.

Though my workout song list may change, the first song is always the Harlem Shake. I know it’s a dumb song but it turns a switch in my head and makes me in the mood to work out.

I’m afraid of rodents and spiders. I can't even pick up a dead mouse lol.

I’ve taken lessons for piano and violin. I taught myself guitar. But what I really want to learn is banjo.

I love photography. I have 3 psychological disorders that I don't talk about often, but make it difficult for me: panic attacks, agoraphobia, and dissociative identity disorder. I don't let them stop me from getting out there but they certainly act as hurdles on a daily basis.

When I'm really sick I make a nest of blankets, put Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the TV and read old issues of MAD Magazine. 

09. I talk more to my dogs than I do to the people around me.

When I write, I make an individual soundtrack for each story I work on.

My favorite camera to shoot with is a Fuji X-T1

12. I not only work out to keep my body in shape but also because it helps to battle the panic attacks.

13. I'm ambidextrous.

My Questions:

01. If you could shapeshift, what would you do with your abilities?

If I could shape shift, I'd turn into a bird. Then I'd watch people from afar and shit on the mean ones.

02. On a scale of Whoops to Stairs Are Evil, how clumsy are you?

I'm not very clumsy actually. I work with a lot of expensive equipment and if I were clumsy I'd be in big trouble lol.

03. How many pets do you have, and if you don't have any, how many would you want?

I have 3 pets.

04. Going along with question 3, what are/would be your pets (lizard, cat, bird, etc.)?

A bichon dog named Lucy who is 10 years old. A bichon/yorkie mix named Lollie who is 3 years old. A mean cat named Link who is 1 year old. I love them all dearly.

05. How tall are you, and if you could, would you change your height?

I'm 5'11 and I like my height the way it is.

06. What are your top five favourite colours?

Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Viridian Hue, Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson

07. What are your top ten favourite bands/musicians?

Tom Waits, Dax Riggs, Elliot Smith, Beck, Bad Veins, Rock Central Plaza, The XX, Iron and Wine, Ghost BC, Electric Wizard

08. Would you rather have a vacation where it's really cold/snowy, or where it's really hot/humid?

I prefer Autumn, but given the choice between the two given, I'd take cold and snowy.

09. What is/was your favourite stuffed toy to sleep/cuddle with or take everywhere?

I have two that are always with me. A stuffed caterpillar and my stuffed Rarity from MLP:FIM.

10. What're your top seven favourite movies and why?

  • Rear Window
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Never Let Me Go
  • I Heart Huckabees
  • Buffalo '66
  • Upstream Color
  • Primer

11. What is your best/happiest memory from the past two weeks and why?

I had my friend Kevin over and we had a great discussion about writing that lead me to start a new book which I am now working on.

12. If you write, draw, sing, or do all three, share a link to at least two example, please?

I write:  Chasing BirdsApril was laying on her bed, flat on her back with her knees bent. A bolt of excitement shot down her spine and her feet wiggled (it was something she did when she knew she had the day to herself). She couldn't help it. She dug and curled her soft, pink toes into the fluff of her comforter as the summer scent of nearby honeysuckles slipped in through her window. Then the radio played her favorite song and she imagined god up in the sky as a great DJ making the perfect day, spinning beats and giving her the entire house to herself for the whole weekend!
At that moment, the world was perfect and she didn't ignore like she imagined most people would, she acknowledged it.
Still laying flat, letting the aches of high school drain down into the bed underneath, she held her cell up and out in front of her with both hands. Her thumbs clicked rapidly as she detailed the highlights of the day to her best friend Tim, who would be coming over to hang out once his parents left.
She texted Tim with
  When the Avalanche Calls
Scott didn't know how long he had been cartwheeling or at what point he had lost his clothes.
He had been in the process of tumbling when he regained consciousness - still holding the world in his fists, the momentum throwing him forward. He flipped to his feet and froze in confusion, bent knees absorbing the momentum while his outstretched arms aided in balance - like a gymnast sticking a landing.
What was this?
He didn't spend long pondering the mysteries. His head wouldn't allow the process. It was all part of some organic numbness. The questions only tickled his brain surface and then fluttered fat and unsteady out his ear as a pair of drooling, mongoloid, ghost-moths.
His eyes detected motion all around. Spread out over him and the surrounding pavement was the wriggling, light-spattered shadow of a Southeast Norwegian Rubberbandtree — a rare and beautiful sight indeed!
The wind blew a hot breath and the individual bands twirled on their rubber stems and squirmed in the orang

I Draw: Plecostomus Dream by photographs-by-day Computer Girl by photographs-by-day

I don't sing but I wish I could.

13. Have a super freaking awesome day/night and stay awesome/amazing, okay? : ) 

I certainly will!!


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Justin Day
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
I was never born, I just happened.

I arrived as a bi-product of late-night debauchery and an over-consumption of junk food. There were no labor pains, just indigestion.
Once they fished me from the toilet I was incubated in a coffee can then moved to an old mop bucket when I got bigger -- fattened on a diet of dead bugs and gutter-water.

When I could swim they put me to work cleaning cisterns as a bottom feeder -- never saw my parents again, except in plecostomus dreams.

When I could walk, I escaped the hell well and built a house out of mud and sticks nearby -- my friends too, rocks for eyes, names from stories I'd been telling myself for company in close quarters.

I learned to write through osmosis -- absorbed from newspaper blankets, a dead-leaf science book mattress, and a burnt bible pillow I found sticking out a sewage drain.

This is who I am, but none of it is true.

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